SHEEPLE: Best Game In The Ewe-niverse

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The sheep from Mary's flock want to become more civilized, to be more like people - to become SHEEPLE. To do so, they must walk, dress & think like people think.

How to play:
1. Pick a category
2. Frantically Brainstorm - Each player has a minute to scribble as many items from the category as they can.
3. Compare & Score - Items only score points if other players also write them down.
4. Move - Tally up your score and advance your Sheeple that many spaces on the board. Start in the e-lamb-entary school. The first player to graduate from the ewe-niversity wins!

An excellent ice breaker that plays great with all ages. Over 80 sheep puns & cartoons!

4-10 players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

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